What Are The Best Nightclubs in Barbados? - Travel Review.

Sup Travellers?! I just came back from a five day trip to Barbados and I have so many things to write about that my brain literally stopped working as I sat down to begin writing. I  just couldn't figure out what to write first. However, after much personal debate and a reboot of my brain I decided that I'll start with NIGHTLIFE.

Now, Barbados has a very vibrant nightlife but it may not seem so at first because if you're an early night partier then you would meet most of the clubs basically empty. I remember when I walked into "Red Door Lounge" at 10:30pm there was literally no one. A logical person might assume that the party was a buss but within just 2 hours the club went from 0 people to TOO MANY PEOPLE!! I'm talking SUPER CROWDED!! This wasn't the case with only "Red Door Lounge" but every club I've been to on the island. So if you're planning to party in Barbados be sure to take your time getting there. Bajans and Tourists alike never rush to get to the club but when they get to the club they party all night long.

You will have a lot of fun at the nightclubs but the amount of fun you have really depends on the venue. So right now I'm about to give a list of the best nightclub venues on the island starting from the best to the worst.

1. Harbour Lights.

Harbour Lights, located in Carlisle Bay, without a doubt in my mind takes the cake as the best nightclub in the whole of Barbados. It's a bit more expensive than the rest and I was a bit skeptical at first, especially since there is a high entry fee but when you get inside it tends to be very much worth it. The people are amazing and always seem to be in a good mood and the drinks are free. Did I mention that the drinks are free? LOL

The only negative about the place is that the majority of the people who party there are tourists Tourists seem to outnumber the local population in the club because almost everyone I spoke to had a foreign accent. And yes, I know that there are many foreign locals on the island but don't expect to see many Bajan locals in there. Someone told me that Bajan locals nicknamed Harbour Lights "Harbour Whites" because there are so many white people at the club. It's basically a tourist hotspot. So if you're a tourist and interested in partying with people from all around the world, Harbour Whites Lights, is definitely the place to be.

2. Old Jamm Inn

Old Jamm Inn is located in St. Lawrence Gap and in all honesty, it's actually the only venue worth partying at in the Gap. I went there on Friday before I went to Harbour Lights, then went back on Saturday (because Harbour Lights is closed on a Saturday night) and had so much fun that I returned on Sunday. There's something about the people, the music and the whole atmosphere that makes you just want to dance. It's usually free entry, so all you have to do is walk in and get loose. There is sometimes an entry fee but I got in free for two nights. I had to pay on the Saturday night. Old Jamm Inn is without a doubt my second choice if Harbor Lights is closed or if I don't have enough money to get into Harbour Lights. Old Jamm Inn is also really cheap so if you're looking for a cheap night out, Old Jamm Inn is definitely the place to be.

3. Red Door Lounge

Red Door Lounge is located in Holetown Barbados and is a very high-end venue with cocktail parties and all that stuff. The people there are a bit more mature in their composure and attire but still know how to party hard. Red Door Lounge was my first choice club when I landed in Barbados and it still is, but it just takes too long to get started and I'm kind of an impatient guy. All the parties on the island get started late but Red Door Lounge takes a bit longer than the rest. In Old Jamm Inn, things get started around 11pm and by 2am you've had enough fun to go home. Red Door on the other hand usually gets started around 1am-2am which is really late. However, I really love the atmosphere at Red Door Lounge. It has a great combination of tourists and locals (unlike Harbour Lights) and the service and the people working there are super friendly. The bouncer and the Bartenders are always smiling and always in a good mood. Red Door Lounge is also a great place to meet really high class and sophisticated people who are cool and down to earth. If you're interested in having really mature conversations with accomplished people then go to Red Door Lounge early in the night. I had met some really cool people when I went: two Trinidadians (like myself) and a lady from Canada. We talked for a while and right now I regret not taking their contact information. Now I just have to sit here and hope that I see them again. Life Lesson I learned: Never forget to ask for contact information.

But all in all, Red Door is a great place to meet new people and later on, in the wee hours of the morning, it's a great place to party.

4. Sugar Live

Now, let's get to the best of the worst nightclubs. Sugar Live is located in St. Lawrence Gap and if Old Jamm Inn is too packed then Sugar Live could be the next best place in St. Lawrence Gap. It's my second choice nightclub in the Gap and is walking distance from Old Jamm Inn but I would be very skeptical to pay too much money to get in there. Some nights are really expensive to get in, especially if they have free drinks specials but I wouldn't pay to enter unless I get to see inside. It would really suck if you pay to enter and you're like the only person there. 

So, even though Sugar is a beautiful club, when I went, there weren't that many people and the largest group of people that came were a family from Guyana of about seven people. So if the Guyanese family wasn't there, the place would have been really dead. I spoke to a few locals about Sugar Live and they told me that it was once the most lively place on the Gap but it died down over time. So, enter Sugar Live at your own risk.

There's a lot more clubs in Barbados but none of the others impressed me enough to actually write about. So if you're planning to visit Barbados then I recommend you visit the four clubs mentioned above. I had a lot of fun in those places especially the first three and I'm pretty sure you will too. Anyway, my name is Trinikid and you've just been informed.