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People who think fast in the moment to do something heroic always inspire us. In this astonishing story it was a group of young kids who were able to think outside of the box to help the police catch the bad guys. We are totally impressed by these under aged superstars!

The children were out having an Easter egg hunt in a huge farm field near Surrey, England. The egg hunt was a fundraiser for a young boy with leukemia, so the kids were already doing good. While the kids were playing, they noticed a helicopter overhead. Here’s how one of the girls explained it, according to The Daily Mail, “It was really noisy and we could see it said ‘police’ on the bottom. Then we saw a man running along the side of the field. We could see him but the helicopter couldn’t because it was hovering over the woods.”

The kids tried yelling and waving to the helicopter to point it in the right direction, but quickly realized they couldn’t be heard. Instead of panicking, they used some quick thinking to help direct the police to where the man had run. Two kids told the other kids to lie down and form a human arrow. Genius!

At first, the police in the helicopter thought the kids were just playing around, but it only took them a short while to realize that the kids were sending them a message. They looked over to where the kids were pointing, and were able to locate and capture the suspects. Another child told what happened next, “About five minutes later, the helicopter came back and landed in the field and the officers came to talk to us. They said they thought we were messing around at first, but they followed our arrow and caught the men. We feel really proud of what we did.”

They should feel proud, they caught the bad guys and raised money for childhood leukemia! They were true heroes all around! SHARE the love, pass it on.

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If you are one of our Facebook fans you’ll remember Claire Ryann. Maybe you don’t remember her name, but that angel voice is unmistakable. Little Claire rose to Internet stardom after THIS VIDEO of hers went viral and got her millions of fans worldwide who just couldn’t get enough of her singing.

Now, she and her dad will take you into a magical world of yet another of her favorite cartoons, Disney’s Tangled. It’s so innocent and her voice is so adorable it’s enough to reduce a grown man to tears. I can’t wait for another one of her videos.

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YouTuber JustSomeMotion is a highly talented dancer who has honed and practiced a variety of styles of dance over the years. Because of his ability to perform a wide spectrum of dance styles, JustSomeMotion has combined these various styles in order to create his very own style.

In the video below, he shares his personal style of dance with the entire world. Dancing to an electronic beat that fuses jazz, electron, and breakbeat, this German dancer shows off his moves. He blends traditional and modern styles together in a way unlike anything I have ever seen before.

On his website, JustSomeMotion lists the “Melbourne Shuffle, tectonik, Rebolation, and Charleston” as some of his primary influences, and certain characteristics of these styles are on display in his performance.

Watching this talented dancer perform never gets old. My eyes are mesmerized by his phenomenal moves! I can understand why this video has been watched over 25 million times on YouTube.

Please SHARE this man’s stunning moves with everyone you know!

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Tow truck drivers play a very important role in a world that's filled with automobiles. They can get you to safety when you have a flat tire or dead battery. In a worst case scenario, they can move your car out of the way after a car accident. Recently, one tow truck driver discovered that his purpose in life extended beyond just rescuing cars. Robert Hooper had just arrived to help Janey Smith with her car when fate interfered.

Robert came to the aid of 69-year-old Janey after her gas pedal stopped working, which left her stranded on the side of the highway. Although she didn't know it at the time, Janey would end up being very grateful that her car had decided to give her problems that day. It was only after Robert started loading her car onto the flatbed of his tow truck that he realized there was an old wreck nearby that had rolled down the side of the steep hill.

When Robert went over to check it out, he saw a badly mangled car, and sadly what he thought was a dead body leaning out of the driver's side. Robert was suddenly overcome with a flood of emotions. That's when he heard a low groan! Unbelievable. Had it not been for Janey's car giving out at that exact spot, these two angels would never have made the shocking discovery. Watch the video below to find out more about this incredible story.

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Adoption is one of the most noble things you can do as a human. Helping those in need, those who really just want a warm place to rest their head at night is truly selfless. But when things get hard, and the responsibilities kick in, remembering why you adopted in the first place becomes more and more fuzzy.

That's why this short video has gone totally viral. It depicts a family adopting a little girl from an orphanage - at first they are thrilled to have a new addition to their clan, but after a while, the excitement starts to wear off and their joy quickly turns to annoyance. When it gets to be too much, the father packs the little girl into the car with her favorite toy and starts off towards an empty dirt road. The father stops the car on the side of the road and throws the girl's toy far from the car. As she runs after her toy, Dad quickly hops back in the car and begins speeding off.

The little girl is abandoned in the middle of nowhere, but when Dad looks back in the rearview mirror, things have changed. The video is a powerful metaphor for something that happens frequently all over the world. Watch it for yourself - but beware, you'll need tissues for this one!

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In May 2011, Christopher Cheary, a heroin addict, committed the worst crime a man can commit. He raped, tortured, and murdered 3-year-old Sophia Acosta, his girlfriend’s daughter, because she refused to call him daddy.

While the girl’s mother Erika Smith went on a drug run in Visalia, California, 26-year-old Cheary was left in charge of the 3-year-old. But the twisted man decided to use the opportunity alone with the toddler to brutally rape, torture, and eventually murder her on May 7 Before he sexually assaulted and raped the helpless little girl, Cheary beat her. When emergency services arrived at the scene, they found the little girl lying naked and soaking wet at the scene of the crime. Cheary was arrested…

After a two-month trial that ended earlier this month, the 26-year-old drug addict was convicted of first degree murder, rape, and torture.

On Wednesday, the jury has recommended that Cheary be sentenced to death.

The court clerk ready the verdict aloud, “We the jury find the appropriate penalty to be death for the murder of Sophia Acosta, dated 11/30/16, signed foreperson.”

“It’s not easy for them to make this decision,” said Tulare County Assistant District Attorney David Alavezos. “It shouldn’t be easy for them, but in some cases this is justice.”

A judge will issue his final sentenced on January 30. Although she hardly seems innocent, Sophia’s mother was never charged. And during the trail, Erika told the Tulare County Court that she allowed Cheary to live with her and her two daughters because she was trying to wean him off heroin.

When they began dating, Cheary’s abusive tendencies appeared. On the morning when Sophia was murdered, Cheary and Erika had an argument that the mother thought she could resolve by buying the addict heroin.

She returned with the highly addictive and illegal drugs and smoked them with Cheary. Then they heard a thump upstairs from the children’s bedroom. Sophia was unconscious and covered in her own vomit. They gave her a bath.

When the couple realized they couldn’t revive her, they called emergency services, who arrived to find the girl naked and soaking wet and the two adults high on heroin.

Sophia was rushed to Kaweah Delta Hospital in Visalia, CA, then transferred to Valley Children’s Hospital where she was pronounced brain dead. She was removed from life support days later.

Dr. Kathleen Murphy, one of the specialists who treated Sophia, said it was obvious she was “tortured.”

One emergency responder reported a pool of blood around the girl’s backside while they brought her to the hospital. The numerous blows to her head killed her. Plus, her genitalia were bruised and bleeding.

Other babysitters reported how Sophia was always afraid of Cheary. They also reported bleeding from her backside on other occasions.

Although Cleary was not related to Sophia or her younger sister, he insisted they call him “daddy.” When she refused, he snapped.

He claims he never raped or tortured the little girl and that her death was a medical mystery.
Do you think he should receive the death penalty?

Please SHARE YOUR REACTION TO THIS CRIME in the comments below now!
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Meet Mikey! Mikey is a wonderful, smart little Pug. When you first see him, you can’t really notice that there is something different about with him. Unfortunately, he doesn’t have eyes!

When he was first rescued he was completely blind and suffered from demodax mange. But that wasn’t it! He suffered from a severe case of glaucoma, which caused severe pain in his eyes, so the doctors decided that the best thing to do was to remove both of Mikey’s eyes.

He was adopted by Judge Sabrina Johnson, a wonderful and kind lady who loves him very much! Thanks to her, Mikey can have a normal and fulfilled life in spite of his disability. He is one happy dog now!

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