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Posted by Alias Kan - - 0 comments

 VIDEO: A Florida man has been arrested after attacking a store clerk with a sword.
Posted by Fox News on Tuesday, February 9, 2016

 A Florida man on a manic rampage attacked a flea market clerk with a samurai sword and savagely beat an 82-year-old man with a pole because he was haunted by poltergeists and wanted to “kill all that was evil,” police said.

Jovaughn Walker was arrested on charges of attempted murder, aggravated battery, carjacking and possession of marijuana for his Sunday spree through two Lauderhill shops — a duet of violence that was caught on surveillance video.

“I have seen the (surveillance) video tapes, and these attacks seem to have come out of the blue,” Maj. Rick Rocco told the Sun-Sentinel. “All of a sudden, he just snapped.”

After the attacks, the 21-year-old “began making statements about seeing poltergeist and wanting to kill all that was evil,” witnesses told police, according to a report.

Poltergeists, a type of ghost prominent in German folklore, terrorized the Freeling family in the 1982 movie of the same name.

Walker’s bizarre rampage began when he a carjacked a Ford pickup truck from a driver stopped at an intersection in Deerfield Beach Sunday morning, police said. He put the driver in a headlock, pushed him out of the car and sped away in the stolen truck.

He drove to a Laderhill Shell gas station around 10 a.m. and stared down an 82-year-old man pumping gas. When the customer went inside the shop, Walker followed — and the pulled a metal rod from his pocket, police said.
The attacker stuck the man several times in front of shocked customers before dashing away in the jacked pickup, video showed. The man suffered several facial cuts that took 18 stitches to close.

About an hour later, Walker showed up at Lauderhill’s Swap Shop, a flea market and drive-in theater. He went to a booth specializing in knives and scissors, grabbed a 3-foot samurai word on display and started to swing the weapon at the store clerk, police said.

Walker slashed his second victim at least eight times, and video showed the sword-wielding madman keep striking even after the clerk fell to the ground. The shop keep — who suffered cuts to his hands and was treated at a local hospital — told police Walker was “trying to kill.”
Walker fled to a parking lot where he told witnesses that he was haunted by the German ghosts and wanted to kill the world's evil, police said.

He was arrested shortly after the second attack. He is being held without bond.

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Atlas isn't your typical bunny.

He's only 7 months old but is already as large as a dog, and still has plenty more growing to do.

The continental giant rabbit from Scotland is now looking for a new home after his previous owner couldn't keep him anymore.
*PLEASE NOTE: If you are interested in rehoming Atlas you must fill in this pre-homing questionnaire and hand it into...
Posted by Scottish SPCA on Monday, February 8, 2016

The Scottish Society for Prevention of Cruelty to Animals, which is currently caring for Atlas at its Glasgow center, appealed for a new owner on Monday.

Center manager Anna O'Donnell described Atlas in a press release as a "friendly" and "inquisitive" rabbit who "loves attention and getting cuddles" and "makes everyone laugh with his mischievous character."

But due to his large size, Atlas is looking for a certain type of home -- because a standard rabbit hutch just won't do the job.

He needs space. And as adults of his breed weigh on average around 13 pounds, he needs lots of it. "Atlas needs an owner with the knowledge to properly care for him, so ideally someone who has kept a continental giant before," O'Donnell said.

Despite his huge size, Atlas still has some way to go until he can claim the Guinness World Record for the planet's biggest rabbit. That honor currently goes to Darius, who weighs 49 pounds and can stretch out to an astonishing 4 feet 4 inches long.

Keep munching those carrots, Atlas. Keep munching.

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A Wisconsin man has confessed to fatally shooting a former coworker this week because he believed she had rejected his romantic advances, police say.

Christopher O’Kroley, 26, was charged on Friday with first-degree intentional homicide, the Wisconsin State Journal reported.

Authorities say O'Kroley told them that he shot Caroline Nosal, 24, in the chest and head as she was leaving her job at the Metro Market grocery store on Tuesday. He apparently had been crouched beside a car waiting for her.
O'Kroley was fired from Metro Market on Monday for repeatedly harassing Nosal, according to a criminal complaint. The suspect legally bought a gun that day, but waited to attack Nosal because he had never fired a gun before and wanted to practice, the State Journal reports.

O'Kroley told a detective "that it was easy to kill Caroline," according to the complaint.

"He later added he killed her out of anger because she had 'ruined my life,'" it continues. O'Kroley apparently described himself to police as a "sociopath," and told cops he wanted to kill Nosal before killing himself.
"I killed Caroline and I’m about to kill myself," O'Kroley wrote in a text message to another former coworker, according to the complaint. "So don’t be surprised when I don’t respond anymore."

Officer Michele Walker attempted to arrest O'Kroley at a mall on Wednesday, after a tipster identified him from media reports about the shooting. The suspect allegedly shot at the officer twice, but did not hit her. He initially ran from the scene, but later turned himself over to law enforcement, police said.
Metro Market store director Tim Smith has set up a GoFundMe page to help cover Nosal's funeral costs and provide "any additional assistance the family may need."

O'Kroley's bail has been set at $1 million. He is expected back in court on Feb. 15.
This shooting joins a tragic, ever-growing list of incidents involving men committing acts of violence against women over perceived rejection.


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A woman has been arrested for stabbing her husband after he ignored her Candy Crush life requests.

The Empire Herald reports, Xiomara Rivera-Santiago, Washington Heights, New York, got into an argument with her husband Marcos when he ignored her Candy Crush ‘life requests’ – extra lives that friends can gift you, which allow you to keep playing – escalating to the point where she attacked him with a knife.

A neighbour claims that she heard the couple begin arguing and Xiomara ‘screaming’.
She said:

"I was feeding my cat when I heard Xiomara yelling at her husband.I put my ear to the wall and heard her asking Marcos why he hadn’t responded to any of her life requests."

The neighbour then claims that Marcos ignored his wife until eventually saying that he thought the game was ‘stupid’ and to stop bothering him. The next thing she heard was his cries for help yelling: “That bitch stabbed me!”

At this point the neighbour called the police, who discovered Marcos – thankfully alive – slumped over in his chair with multiple stab wounds to both his arms and stomach. He was then taken to New York Presbyterian Hospital for treatment.
Authorities report that Rivera-Santiago was angry at her husband because he ignored her when she played Candy Crush, adding that they always used to play together but that since reaching level 500 he had become distant from her and stopped playing.

She said:

"Since he didn’t want to play anymore I just needed him to send me more lives but he chose to ignore me. This is what the bastard for ignoring his wife."

Xiomara was arrested and thankfully Marcos is expected to pull through.


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WARNING: Graphic images some people might find disturbing: A preacher claims that the terrorist group are set to peddle sick mementos of their murderous crimes to collectors.

A pastor has claimed ISIS are boosting their funds by selling shrunken heads from their decapitated victims on eBay .

The religious preacher claims that the terrorist group are peddling sick mementos of their murderous crimes to collectors.

American pastor Harry Walther, from Montana, USA, says ISIS has cottoned on that collectors of grisly curios are willing to pay more than 500 US dollars (about £346) for a shrunken head.

And with the terrorists staging public executions, decapitating thousands of prisoners and 'non-believers', the extremist cell has a huge number of heads to sell.

Walther claims terrorists can read up on online instructions telling them how to 'shrink' a human head and passing it off as an ancient tribal curio on Ebay.

The preacher, in his early fifties, says the Bible's Book of Revelations predicted that hundreds of millions of Christian men, women and children will be beheaded for their faith in Jesus.

He said: "In Revelation 9, John sees an army of 200,000,000 soldiers wage war against the west.

"So as we are told The 'Tribulation Martyrs are greater than any, many could number' - this means there will be more than 200 million beheaded Christians and possibly over 300 million.

"What to do with 350 million decapitated heads?

"Make shrunken heads and sell them for a king's ransom!

"I believe the ancient, Amazonian practice of shrunken heads will be revived and practised on a global scale.

"The shrunken heads of the Christian martyrs could be shrunken to baseball size and sold as New Age 'souvenirs'.

"According to satanic belief, these heads will be more prized than silver and gold.

"During The Holocaust, the Nazis made shrunken heads from decapitated Jewish prisoners and hung them in the jail cells to terrify Jews into following orders and taking their 'showers' (poison gas chambers).

"So 350 million decapitated heads sold at $1000 (£690) a head comes to $350 billion (£241 billion) dollars!

"Even if the shrunken heads of Christians start at $100 (£69) and range up in price from $500 (£345) or more, we are still talking about hundreds of billions of dollars made as the love of money drives mankind to commit the ultimate acts of human atrocities.

"If you think this is sick, I will tell you what is really sick.

"You can purchase REAL shrunken heads on Ebay. You can purchase kits to make shrunken heads from goat skins. Children can buy 'kits' to make imitation shrunken heads for Halloween."

The claims come after ISIS released a video of a British-speaking teenager beheading a hostage in a sick propaganda film.

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Maymo the beagle gets into all kinds of silly adventures, but this time we get to see a feistier and still quite adorable side. Watch the pooch take on a puppet rabbit. Yeah, you wrestle that carrot away, Maymo.

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A girl gang used a Facebook honeytrap to lure a man to a park where he was viciously beaten.

The victim arranged to meet a woman, after becoming friends with her over social media.

He then travelled across Greater Manchester on February 3rd – from Tameside to Fallowfield – close to Platt Fields Park on Wednesday afternoon.

However, when the 22-year-old man arrived, he was instead met by a group of six women who punched him in the face, before robbing his phone and car keys, Manchester Evening News reports.

The man suffered minor bruises from the attacks and is now recovering at home.

Speaking to Manchester Evening News, Sgt Shoheb Chowdhury, of West Didsbury Police, warned the public over meeting with strangers over social media.

He said:

He had been communicating with this girl on Facebook for quite a while. He had arranged to meet this girl near Platt Fields Park as he had been talking to her online. He didn’t know her and they had never met before. We think this was quite possibly a trap for him. If you are talking to anyone on Facebook and you arrange to meet up with them please be careful and be aware that it could be a trap.

It’s believed the six women are of Somali origin and are all aged between 20-25-years-old. They were described as wearing dark hooded tops.


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