Best Nightclubs in Trinidad and Tobago.

Sup Travellers?! Trinidad and Tobago is the oil and gas capital of the Caribbean but from my personal perspective after living here for 24 years of my life, Trinidad and Tobago is actually the party capital of the Caribbean. I think Trinidadians party more than any group of people in the Caribbean, but that's just my personal opinion as of right now. I'll be doing a lot of traveling around the Caribbean this year and maybe I might change my stance after seeing how Bajans party or how Jamaicans party.

But a party is only as good as the place and people because even though partying in a box drain can be fun with the right group of people........I prefer not to party in a box drain.

When I party I prefer to party in a club and today I'm going to give you a list of some of my favorite clubs and a little mention of some of my least favorite clubs. This list isn't only about aesthetics but also about the people in the club.

So, I'm going to start with my favorite club of all the clubs in Trinidad and Tobago.

51 Degrees Lounge.

Okay, so here's the thing about 51........EVERYONE GOES THERE!! And that's not an exaggeration. 51 always has a lot of people. When the other clubs like Aria and Stumbling are sucking salt, you can always rely on 51 to be popping and every partygoer from Trinidad and Tobago can agree with that. Another positive about 51 is that it's usually free drinks. You just pay $250TT and you get free drinks all night. ALL NIGHT!!!!! And a party full of drunk girls is ALWAYS FUN!!

However, 51 isn't the perfect club. The one thing I don't particular like about 51 ties in with what I love.....EVERYONE GOES THERE!! So that means, the place is usually crowded. So crowded sometimes that you don't get any kind of space to dance and free up yourself. All you can do is stand there and hope that no one spills white oak on your brand new shirt or mashes your shoe. 

What I do to get away from the crowd and still have a good time is go to the balcony. The balcony usually isn't as crowded and is a great place to mingle with the well-dressed people at the club since the door usually blocks out some of the loud music from the speakers. It may smell like cigarette smoke but definitelyly worth it to escape the crowd.

I love 51 and despite it being overcrowded I had a good time. It is without a doubt my favorite club in Trinidad and Tobago.


My second favorite place to be when the party vybz hits me is Rustreet, more specifically Paprika. The one thing I love most about Paprika is that there is no entry fee. So you can literally walk into Paprika with no money in your pocket once you get past the guards. However, just recently I've been hearing stories of people paying to get into Paprika and now I'm a bit skeptical about placing it in second place. I would assume that it was just a Christmas thing because I went to Paprika a couple weeks ago and got in free. Now, the thing about Paprika is that it usually plays a lot of Spanish music to cater to the mostly "Spanish" people who go to the club. So if you hate Spanish music then Paprika isn't your place. But the club is always popping and is great for a weekend lime. I usually go to Paprika as a prequel to 51. Before I go to 51 I usually make a quick stop to Paprika first.

But, I can't talk about Paprika without talking about VAS and Haze. When I went to VAS the dancfloor was completely empty. There was no one in the club. And this was peak time when Paprika was overflowing with people. So my first impression of VAS is that no one goes there. Now, I could be wrong. Maybe it was just a bad night but it was definitely a bad first impression. The next club on Rustreet is Haze but the day I went there was a private event so I couldn't go in. Also, you have to pay to enter!!! NOPE!!! Right now the only club I'm willing to actually pay a entry fee to is 51 because it's usually worth it. But, I never partied in Haze so maybe when I actually decide to pay the entry fee the club might actually be popping!! One day I will and I'll write a review on it.

LIV Nightlife.

Now LIV is a very interesting club. Very interesting. Firstly, LIV is located in the south of Trinidad and the gospel around most party enthusiasts is "NO ONE LIKES TO PARTY IN SOUTH". That is kind of true because most of the popping parties are in the capital. So, when you pay $100TT go into LIV your first thought is "Will my team and I be the only people in this club?" And yes, it's possible. I went to LIV just the other day. The club opens at 10pm and up to 11:30 it was a ghost town. But as the night grew older people started coming in. 

I'm sure you're thinking, "So why is LIV your third favorite club?"

Well firstly, I live in the south and LIV is a stones throw away from where I live but secondly and most importantly, the few people who party at LIV are some of the most amazing partiers. The few people who actually party at LIV really know how to have fun. So LIV may not have the massive crowds all the time like 51 and Paprika but the quality of the small crowd is usually high. LIV is a perfect example of quality over quantity.

Aria Lounge

And finally, a club on the avenue. I actually despise the avenue now. I used to like to party on the avenue back when I was in University but now......MEH. The avenue doesn't impress me anymore. Coco Lounge, Tzar and Stumblin are the only clubs where I spent money to enter and left after a few minutes. Rossco's, on the other hand can get a little kudos but if I have to choose my favorite place to be on the avenue Aria will get the crown. But there's a technique to partying in Aria. You don't just get up any old weekend and decide to go to Aria. No. That is mad people behavior!!You can do that kinda craziness with 51 and Paprika. Not Aria. With Aria you have to like their Facebook page and pay attention to what events they're having and all the different bar deals. To have a good experience at Aria's you need to be smart and observant. You go when there are events happening. Just the other day, Voice had a birthday party at Aria....That's when you go. Or if Machel Montano comng to perform, that's when you go. A Halloween party......That's when you go. A Christmas party......That's when you go.

To have a good time at Aria's you need to pay attention.

Honorable Mention: Silhouettes Lounge.

Okay, so I've never been to Silhouettes but I have heard a lot of good things about it. So I can't really speak on personal experience but I think it was worth a mention.

So this was my little article on the best clubs in Trinidad and Tobago. I know I haven't been doing much writing on this site but it's not because I stopped blogging. I'm just blogging elsewhere. I'm blogging for a company in America and that kinda caused me to abandon Trinikid but I'm back, this time a bit different. I'll be focusing more on reviews and opinions. Movie reviews, Travel reviews, club revies..ETC. So stick around for more. I'm traveling to Barbados this month and I'm going to have a lot to write about when I get back. Anyway, my name is Trinikid and you've just been informed.