If You've Ever Wondered What Happens To Donated Hair, Now You'll Know.

Sup Travellers?! There isn't much hair on my head so donating hair isn't something that ever crossed my mind. But to those women [and some men] who got a whole stash of it growing on their scalp can be of great value to the human race by donating it to people in need of it.

But sometimes when you donate your hair, it can kind of feel like this big letdown after. You spent years and years growing out your luscious locks into this long, beautiful length, and you know that you want to donate it. You know that you want to give your hair to someone who needs it. You go and get it chopped off (and let's be honest, it's a bit of a traumatic experience) and then it's packaged up and sent away. That's it. You have no idea what happens after that. This video shows you what happens after, and it's going to make you smile. Check it out, if you haven't already. Anyway, my name is Trinikid and you've just been informed.