For Over 2-Years She Lived Behind A Mask, And Now She Reveals Her Face. Powerful!

Sup Travellers?! Dana Vulin, 28, of Perth, Australia lived a quite a normal life. She went to work during the week and partied on a weekend but in the blink of an eye everything changed. She was set on fire by a jealous wife, after she talked to her husband at a party. The jealous woman was on a mission to ruin Dana’s “pretty little face.” and unfortunately the plan did actually succeed. Dana suffered 3rd degree burning to 2/3 of her body including her face.

She ended up living behind a mask for over 2-years and it took numerous surgeries to reconstruct and heal her face. When you see her incredible transformation, you’d be surprised with the results. 

This is Dana on the left, pictured at the party with a friend where her attacker saw her talking to her husband.

After the party, Dana started getting abusive and threatening phone calls from the crazy and jealous wife.

The woman, Natalie Dimitrovska attacked Dana in her apartment after breaking in, throwing methylated spirits on her and setting her on fire. Dana remembers the crazy woman laughing when running away after setting her ablaze.

Dana was so severely burned that even her own mother couldn't recognize her.

For over 2-years Dana was forced to wear a mask to hide her burns.

This is the day Dana appeared at the court to testify against Natalie, who ended up being jailed for 17 years.

During her court battle, further bad news was broken to Dana, this time by doctors; who informed her that she has cervical cancer.

Dana underwent surgery to clear the cancerous cells from her body and luck was on her side. She became cancer free.

The mask continued to be part of her everyday life and was daunting her up to a point that she started losing hope.

After going through several reconstruction surgeries for her face, Dana decided it was time to reveal her face to the world on the national television.

She admits that dying was an easier option but she never takes easy roads. She is very proud of going through everything and not giving up.

Dana wanted to inspire and give those going through a personal hell to never lose hope, so she began to unmask her face on live television.

She revealed her face in the hope to get the world to notice people beyond their looks.

This is her beautiful face now.

She says that going through everything has made her stronger and more confident.

Dana is now determined to inspire and show everyone that your inner beauty is more important than your outer beauty.