This Homeless Man Steps Up To The Microphone And Blows EVERYONE Away…

Sup Travellers?! Meet Doug Seegers. He's a 60-something-year-old homeless man with a gift so powerful that you can't help but stop in your tracks and admire it.

He lived and played music on the streets of Tennessee for 17 years. Then, in 2012, a fellow musician and friend posted a video of Doug on YouTube playing a song he wrote called ,”Going Down To The River.”

The video went viral, and in this video we see Seegers team up with renowned country singers Jill Johnson and Magnus Carlson to breathe new life into his original song. 

The results are stunning, and the YouTube description says, “This man deserves to get a roof over his head so help him become famous by spreading the word!”

Can you imagine how awesome it'd be if Doug Seegers gets a Grammy someday? He's pretty old but as long as he still has breath in his nostrils and the ability to hold a note, anything is possible. Hats off to Mr. Seegers  and all the people who helped him to bring his talent to the masses. Anyway, my name is Trinikid and you've just been informed.