Kendall Jenner Is Completely Topless In Leaked Photos From Love Magazine

Sup Travellers?! Kendall Jenner seems to be following in her big sister's first steps because just one day after Kim Kardashian's nude photos from LOVE magazine got leaked, Kendall's nude photos got leaked. Well --- Kendall isn't completely nude in hers but she goes completely topless.

But, that's just one issue. The other issue is the size of Kendall's boobs. If you look closer you can see that her boobs are actually big and plump which is not a sight we often see on Kendall Jenner. As a matter of fact it's a sight that we never see because Kendall's boobs aren't big and plump. She's a beautiful woman and my favorite in the Kardashian family household but I think we all can agree that she's lacking in the boobs department.

Some may say that she got her boobs enlarged but she strutted the runway in January for Paris Fashion Week in a semi-see-through top so that doesn't seem very possible. So, photoshop is definitely the verdict here. I know that photoshop is always used in Magazine spreads but it's so blatant and in your face in this one because everyone knows that that's not Kendall's real boobs. Anyway, my name is Trinikid and you've just been informed.

Please note that the photos below may not be suitable for all audiences. You have been WARNED!!