No One Can Explain Why Thousands Seem To Know This Man, But Don't Know Why

Sup Travellers?! Have you ever seen the man in the picture below? He's apparently known by thousands of people yet no one knows who he is [makes sense right?]. He doesn't have a name nor nationality but a very familiar face.

I personally have never seen him before but if I ever met a man with eyebrows so thick I'd probably remember him too.

Anyway, this mysterious website is trying to reach out to those who have seen the peculiar looking man in their dreams. The site claims thousands of people around the world have seen the same creepy man with thick eyebrows and thinning hair in their subconscious. 

Most, if not all, the folks who have claimed to know the man says that he usually appears to them in dreams and gives them friendly life advice.

In 2006, a young woman in New York had her psychiatrist draw a recurring face she was seeing in her dreams. She said the man would sometimes give her friendly life advice, but only in her dreams. She never met the man before in her life.

The psychiatrist left the drawing on his desk, and another patient of his recognized the face of the subject. He said that he also often receives twilight advice from "this man" in his dreams.

The psychiatrist shows the drawing to his colleagues and has them ask their patients if they had ever seen the face. Four patients admitted to having seen him frequently in their dreams, all of them referring to him as "this man."

Since then, over 2000 people have claimed to have seen "this man" from countries all over the world. This picture is from La Habana, Cuba.

Rostov, Russia

Cantalupo in Sabina, Italy.

There are many theories as to why "this man" is a presence in so many people's minds. One follows Jung's theory that humans have a collective consciousness and "this man" is an archetypal image that appears to comfort those during times of hardship.

Others believe that this is the face of God, should he ever take human form and walk among us. When "this man" gives people advice, it is to be taken as Word.

One of the most interesting theories is that "this man" is a real man with powerful psychic powers who enters in and out of dreams like pools of water.

There are even some who claim that "this man" was created by a major corporation as prototype for a mental conditioning plan.