Disturbing & Uncensored Artworks That Reflect Modern Society

Sup Travellers?! There are many things wrong with society but I don't think that I can go into too much detail about what those problems are because I'll probably never end. However, I think the artworks below do a pretty good job in depicting some of the problems since a picture says a thousands and whatnot. 

The illustrations were created by Spanish artist Gunsmithcat (aka Luis Quiles). They look rather innocent at first but if you look close enough you can see its unique depiction of society's current affairs.

His confronting illustrations focus on range of complex and controversial issues including homophobia, sexism, censorship, corporate greed and even child violence. It often makes for unsettling viewing, knowing just how close to the truth he is at times.

Check them out below. Anyway, my name is Trinikid and you've just been informed.