Woman Tracked Down And Fell In Love With Sperm Donor Who Gave Her A Baby Girl

Sup Travellers?! The romance between Scott Andersen and Aminah Hart started all because of one child.

According to reports from Daily Mail Anderson anonymously donated his sperm to Hart allowing her to give birth to Anderson's daughter Leila. 

Hart, 42, was a single woman from Melbourne, Australia, determined to have a family of her own. After losing two sons in a row as a result of a genetic disorder, Hart decided to try using in vitro fertilization and a sperm donor.

Hart had absolutely no idea who the donor was but the blonde hair on her daughter gave her some indication that he was white.

"I thought ‘I can’t have a blonde baby, I’m a black woman. Black women don’t have blonde babies.'" Hart said.

Half West-Indian Hart went on to look for her anonymous sperm donor by googling the information on his form. Anderson had agreed that any children that were a result of his donations could contact him before the age of 18.

Anderson, already a committed father of four, was more than willing to meet his daughter. Soon after reaching her first birthday, Leila met her father for the first time.

Hart says that the connection between herself and Anderson was clear after several months of meetings. When the pair was stranded at friend’s home overnight because of a road closure, they could no longer deny the connection.

She said; "It was quite surreal that it was not uncomfortable. There was a little bit of romance born that night…We fell in love. It was surreal but an incredible experience."

Anderson's connection with Hart grew so much that he severed a previous relationship in order to be with her. Hart and Anderson have now been together for more than a year and all thanks to Leila. 

This is one of the most unusual love stories ever but it's beautiful nevertheless. I wish Hart, Anderson and Leila all the best. Anyway, my name is Trinikid and you've just been informed.