This 7 Year Old Boy Begged His Mother To Let Him Die. The Reason Why Is Tragic And Amazing.

Sup Travellers?! If you have some tissues nearby you might want to bust them out soon because this story gets pretty emotional pretty fast.

According to reports from Daily Mail, Chen Xiaotian was only 5 when he was diagnosed with a malignant brain tumor that would kill him. Just a couple months after the diagnosis his mother Zhou Lu, 34, was diagnosed with kidney disease.

They were both ailing pretty bad but Chen's brain tumor proved to be more violent as it blinded and paralyzed him. Chen was bedridden while Zhou was on dialysis treatment. The pair battled through together for two years.

Eventually, Chen told his mother: "I want to save your life"

In order to survive Zhou needed a new kidney and her son was the perfect match but she refused a transplant at first.

Grandma Lu Yuanxiu, 57, said: "The doctors approached me rather than his mother because of the sensitive nature of the issue. They told me that my grandson would not survive but his kidneys could help his mother and also save two other lives as well.I discussed it with Zhou and she refused point-blank, she absolutely didn't want to hear any talk of that happening."

Chen, wanting to save his mother's life, overheard her refusal and kept urging her to take his kidney until she finally agreed, knowing a piece of her son would live on in her.

Doctors confirmed that the tissue match was perfect and when he died on April 2, he was quickly moved to the operating theater where his kidneys and liver were removed and then donated to his mother and two other people. The second kidney went to a 21-year-old girl and his liver to a 27-year-old man.

Hospital spokesman Yi Tai said all three transplants were a success and that the youngster's death had allowed three others to survive and live normal lives.

He said: "The medical team held a brief moment of prayer and silence for the poor child before the transplant, I think it's fair to say there were very few dry eyes."

I think we can, without a doubt, call Chen a hero. There was a very little chance that he would have recovered so he did the best thing that he could have done at the time; save his mother's life. Hats off to the young man and may he rest in peace.

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