The World Is Running Out of Chocolate.

Sup Travellers?! Are you a chocolate lover? Well I've got some tragic news for you. According to the Washington Post, chocolate production is failing to keep up with worldwide consumption and could fall behind by 2 million metric tons annually by 2030.

Dry weather and fungal disease are partly to blame, but there's another cause: "Demand for chocolate is great," an expert told Bloomberg last year. "A lot of the world population is moving to the middle class and will have more money to spend, in particular in emerging markets and Asia.” Yes, the Chinese are eating twice as much chocolate as 10 years ago, and dark chocolate, which uses much more cocoa than regular chocolate bars, is growing more popular.

This has forced up cocoa prices by more than 60% over the past two years. It has also inspired innovation, like trees that can produce up to 700% more cocoa than their traditional counterparts. But this breed of tree—which is also resistant to a devastating fungus called Witches' Broom—comes with far less flavor, making chocolate "as tasteless as today’s store-bought tomatoes, yet another food, along with chicken and strawberries, that went from flavorful to forgettable on the road to plenitude," writes Mark Schatzker at Bloomberg.

Hopefully, "better-tasting beans will command higher prices, incentivizing quality, not just quantity," writes Schatzker. 

I'm not as big of a chocolate lover as I used to be so this news doesn't affect me all that much. There was once a time when I would actively go to the store just to grab some chocolate but those days are gone. Now, I only buy chocolate on special occasions, or when I absolutely need to EAT IT --- you know, those times when eating chocolate is just a matter of life and death [LOL]. Anyway, my name is Trinikid and you've just been informed.