Ex-NFL Cheerleader Charged With Raping A 15 Year Old Boy She Met On Instagram

Sup Travellers?! I could assume that a Baltimore Ravens cheerleader shouldn't find it hard to get her hands on a man since she's a cheerleader and all but based on this story, my assumption is clearly wrong.

According to reports from the Daily Mail UK, ex-NFL cheerleader Molly Shattuck has been arrested and charged with sexual assault of a 15-year-old boy she met on Instagram.

The 47-year-old started commenting on the boy's pictures but from just simple photo comments the two escalated to full blown sexting. They eventually met up and Shattuck performed oral on the teen a number of times over the Labor Day Weekend at a beach house in Delaware which Shattuck rented for her, her son, and the teen victim to stay at.

The victim's father was a bit suspicious of the whole thing but Shattuck promised that there wouldn't have been any alcohol and he happily obliged --- because obviously that was the major thing to worry about when a 47-year-old hottie invites your son to a Holiday weekend in a rented house.

Shattuck allegedly then offered that if the teen wanted to have sex, she would allow it. The teenager then proceeded to simply leave the room and then didn't come back. 

He reported the incident to the police 

Shattuck is being charged with four counts of unlawful sexual contact, two counts of third-degree rape, and three counts of distributing alcohol to a minor.

Obviously the teen is getting a lot of hate on the internet because of his decision to report the incident. I mean --- he was getting down and dirty with a ex-cheerleader and he squealed? To some, that's absurd. But it was definitely the right thing to do. Anyway, my name is Trinikid and you've just been informed.