Man Kills Friend for “Poking” his Girlfriend on Facebook.

Sup Travellers?! Be careful who you poke because you never know if that person has a crazy bae like the "missus" in this story. 

According to NY Daily News, Scott Humphrey and his friend, Richard Rovetto, shared a taxi ride home from a bachelor party in Mansfield, Nottinghamshire, England this past July. 

Humphrey accused Rovetto of flirting with his girlfriend after seeing that he “poked” her via Facebook.

“if you’re such a good friend then why did you poke my missus?” Humphrey asked his friend, according to the taxi driver.

Rovetto said that he didn't know that Humphrey was dating the "pokee" and Humphrey got pretty mad. He punched father-of-one Rovetto to the floor who banged his head on the pavement. Rovetto died in the hospital a few hours later from the head trauma.

Humphrey initially fled the scene, but handed himself into the police soon after.

Humphrey was sentenced to four years and four months in jail for manslaughter over the Facebook dispute.

I personally don't really use the poke button unless I'm poked. I stopped initiating pokes a long time ago but everyone knows that a poke doesn't mean anything. If I poke a girl on Facebook it does not necessarily mean that I'm flirting with her. I was just bored, saw a cute pic of her and decided to poke her because I was too lazy to coin a sentence or start a conversation. That's basically it. Humphrey obviously doesn't know how poking works. Anyway, my name is Trinikid and you've just been informed.