Man Gets Caught With Five Wives, Seven Fiancées And Five Girlfriends.

Sup Travellers?! Getting caught cheating sucks but it doesn't suck as much as being caught cheating 17 times by 17 different women.

This is the predicament Sonko Tijan found himself in after a deep investigation of his love life revealed the startling truth he withheld from all his lovers.

According to Daily Mail UK, The 28-year-old man who is originally from Gambia was found weaving a web of lines in Austria among his five wives, seven fiancées and AT LEAST five girlfriends, none of whom were aware of one another.

Everything seemed like rainbows and butterflies for Tijan at first but his buried secrets have been finally unearthed after his pregnant wife did a Facebook search of his last name and found him canoodling with another woman.

Austrian detectives took over the investigations and worked with Tijan’s wives to uncover links to women across Austria and Africa.

Tijan used the women to provide him with a place to stay and food whenever he was in the area, and also borrowed tens of thousands of euros promising to pay it back later. He never did.

Some also complained he had taken their jewelry to use as a security on loans he needed. And if a woman became too demanding on his time or for her money back, she suddenly found that he had vanished.

Police put out an arrest warrant for him and eventually tracked him down using Facebook after discovering he was on the hunt for fresh victims. 

Police worked with one of Tijan's women and asked her to lend Tijan more money. He fell for the trap and the cops pounced when he arrived.

Tijan must have a hell of a way with words to convince all those women to get married to a broke immigrant who always begged for money. He was definitely gifted in that regard but let's see if he can use his charm to get himself out of prison. Anyway, my name is Trinikid and you've just been informed.