VIDEO: This Homeless Man Gets Laid More Than Most People.

Sup Travellers?! Don't be fooled by his name; Joe isn't just an average Joe. Average Joes usually live in houses but the Joe in the video above is --- well --- homeless. However, despite his homelessness he still manages to woe girls and get in their pants.

In the video Joe literally just goes up to random women on the street and flirt with them, complimenting their shorts and whatnot.

The thing that makes this even more interesting is that most of the women have absolutely no idea that he's homeless. He dresses well and smells well so unless you actually see him on a cardboard box on the pavement then you won't know.

Toward the end, Joe reveals to us his life secret: "Life's all about karma. I figure I do the right thing, and the universe reciprocates."

Would you sleep with someone if you knew they were homeless? Most would answer no to that but ignorance is definitely bliss [LOL]. Anyway, my name is Trinikid and you've just been informed.