Up To 3000 Women And Girls have Been Kidnapped By Islamic State Jihadis In Iraq.

Sup Travellers?! The terror continues in the middle east as up to 3000 women and girls have been kidnapped by Islamic State thugs and hundreds of men who refused to convert to Islam have been shot dead. 

Amnesty International said the victims, some just babies, were snatched from villages overrun by the heavily-armed jihadists and face the terrifying prospect of being forced into marriage or sold as sex slaves,

The US and the UK almost instantly jumped on the scene as help was issued.

It also emerged that 400 men from Iraq’s Yazidi community were slaughtered in cold blood in just 48 hours after the village of Kojo was taken. A hundred women and girls were taken away from Kojo but their fate is uncertain, like the thousands of women and girls snatched since Islamic State, formerly known as ISIS, ­launched its cruel onslaught on August 3.

The father of one kidnapped girl revealed she had told him she was about to be sold as a sex slave for just 10 US dollars.

Khandhar Kaliph’s daughter fell into the hands of IS fighters when they captured the mountain town Sinjar.

Speaking after she rang home using a phone being passed around to the hostages, he said: “She said she is going to be sold as a slave this afternoon. What can a ­father say to that? How can I help? We all feel so useless. The world needs to know that our women are being ­enslaved, young and old alike.”

On Saturday, Britain deployed a US-made spy plane over northern Iraq to monitor the humanitarian crisis and movements of the militants.

I've been hearing a lot about ISIS lately but I had no idea that they were causing so much terror. That was just ignorance on my part but now that I do know about it I think I should spread the word. People need to know what's happening in the middle east.

I mean --- there is always terror in the middle east but the kidnapping of 3000 innocent women and girls is not something we can turn a blind eye to. 

This story comes on the heels of all the horrific deaths of thousands of children in Gaza. 

Sometimes you really wish that you could help but what can we do?

My name is Trinikid and you've just been informed.