This House Looks Normal From The Street But When You See Inside, You'll Be Shocked.

Sup Travellers?! During the Cold War era in 1978 there were a whole lot of paranoid people who believed that at any moment a nuclear bomb could have been dropped. One such person was wealthy businessman Girard “Jerry” B. Henderson who built a house with an underground section to protect himself from a nuclear blast.

The outside of his super expensive house looks completely normal but the inside is a completely different story. The house has an underground portion which was made to resemble a normal, above-ground house and yard. The 15,200-square-foot subterranean section was equipped so that a family could live underground for an entire year.

Below are some photos courtesy Viral Nova.

3970 Spencer St. near Flamingo Road in Las Vegas, Nevada, looks normal enough.

It's just a two-story home on a normal street, right?
Wrong. So, so wrong.
A stairway leading to the secret part of the house is hidden in the yard, as well as an elevator.
Jerry made his money from Avon cosmetics and Gulfstream Aerospace Corp... and he decided to spend it on building a house that could withstand a nuclear blast.
He was so smitten with the idea of living underground (and fearful of the Soviets), he tried to convince others to follow suit.

The "yard" includes a putting green, a swimming pool, two jacuzzis, a sauna, dance floor, bar and rock-camouflaged BBQ.

The "outside" has adjustable controls for the lighting (“sunset,” “day,” “dusk” and “night").

This dream home was recently sold for $1.4 million.

Henderson's house is the real definition of living under a rock but if there is ever a zombie apocalypse I would so love to live under that rock. Anyway, my name is Trinikid and you've just been informed.