Miley Cyrus Declares That She’s Retiring From Twerking.

Sup Travellers?! I'm sure we can all remember Miley Cyrus's little episode at the VMAs last year when she twerked with Robin Thicke on international television.

It brought much ridicule to the former Disney star but it also got her new album on top of basically every single music chart in the world.

However, during an interview on the VMAs Red Carpet, Miley Cyrus said that she is retiring from twerking and decided to give it up for Nicki Minaj and her recent twerking success. Nicki's music video for "Anaconda" broke Miley's record for the most views by a video in 24 hours with 19 million.

“With that ass … I ain’t got that ass,” Miley told MTV’s Sway Calloway when he asked her about the fact that “Anaconda” recently broke “Wrecking Ball”s record for the most views in 24 hours. “I can bring that body, I can bring that wrecking ball, but I can’t bring that ass. Not that Anaconda.”

She also announced her retirement from twerking saying: “I’ve retired [from twerking], yeah. I’m making some music right now with The Flaming Lips. It’s different. It’s a little psychedelic.”

Miley Cyrus can defeinitely afford to retire from twerking especially after all the money and attention she garnered from her twerkathon at the VMAs last year. 

Miley says that she's working on new music and claims that she's trying to reinvent herself --- again. Let's just see how this all ends up. Anyway, my name is Trinikid and you've just been informed.