This Woman Has The Biggest Fake Breasts In All Of Britain.

Sup Travellers?! Meet Debbie Delamar. She's a 34-year-old mother of two from Brecon, Pwoys and she's 5ft tall. I know she may seem like just a regular woman but she isn't that regular considering the fact that she spent thousands of pounds on acquiring a fake pair of breasts which are now the biggest in all of Britain.

Since she was 28 she had three enlargement procedures taking her from her natural 30DD to 30KK, meaning they now contain five PINTS of silicon and weigh a whopping 7lb.

The mother-of-two's chest is now so big that she was unable to bring her hands together to clap at first.

And while Debbie loves having Britain’s biggest fake breasts, she admits they get in the way of work: at her job in a car-parts plant she has to sit further back from the assembly line than other women.

Debbie said: 'People stare at me wherever I go but I enjoy it. I love the fake look and want to be as big as possible. I know I’m not a conventional army wife or mother, but I’m not hurting anyone. I really just like the fake artificial look. Some people like blonde hair or black hair - I like big fake boobs. It was never intentional to be the biggest in Britain, but it just sort of happened.They don’t really get in the way anymore as I have adapted to them, but the first time they did was when I was at a concert with my daughters. I went to clap my hands and I realised I couldn't anymore. I don’t have to worry about them getting in the way around the house as my husband does all the ironing and things, but at work I do have to sit a few more inches away from the desk."

Let me get this straight. Her breasts weigh just as much a bowling ball? She could literally kill you with those things. 

But let's be honest, 30DD breasts aren't that bad. She was blessed with really great breasts at first so why on earth would she go make it bigger. 30DD looks really great on a woman and she shouldn't have had any reason to go under the knife. I would always prefer to go with a woman who has 30DD breasts as apposed to a woman with breasts as heavy as a damn BOWLING BALL!!! But, it's her life and she gets to make her own decisions. Who am I to judge? Anyway, my name is Trinikid and you've just been informed.