This Music Video By Superwoman And Humble The Poet Is Too Cool For Words.

Sup Travellers?! Youtube's Superwoman just dropped the coolest music video on the web and it's coolness is so great that it cannot be described in words [Well, most of it]. 

The music video is entitled "Leh" and it's all about a whole bunch of moments of disdain. "Leh" is a Punjabi slang used to express bemusement, disdain, and general disapproval so it's only fair that the music video portrays just that.

Hate your parents but still live at home without paying rent? Leh. Spend a ton of money on designer things, but still have a hefty amount of student debt to pay off? LEH!!!! LOL!!!!

You know, those kids who roll around in their parents' cars pretending they own them, or those drama queens who post duckface pictures on Instagram without filters. Leh. Superwoman and Humble The Poet got the "LEH" moments spot on

This music video is hilarious!! Check it out above if you haven't already and bask in the COOLNESS!!! [LOL]. Anyway, my name is Trinikid and you've just been informed.