Family To Sue After Cop Beats Grandmother.

Sup Travellers?! Do you remember that horrid video of the cop repeatedly punching the woman on the street? Here's the article I wrote about it and the video just to refresh your memory.

Well, the woman is 51-year-old Marlene Pinnock the family of the victim says it intends to file a civil rights lawsuit.

According to the arrest report, the woman, who is allegedly homeless, was walking along the road and became "physically combative," CBS News reports. She's been deemed a "5150," according to KTLA, which refers to the California welfare code under which mentally ill people are confined if they are a danger to themselves or others.

"It's our opinion that the CHP officer is the one who is a danger to others," one civil rights lawyer said. "We believe he fits the criteria of 5150." The officer has been suspended with pay, and police say they're investigating. 

I did a bit of research on "5150" and it's basically the ability for a qualified officer to involuntary confine someone if they are a danger to themselves or others. But nowhere in the "5150" code does it say anything about repeatedly punching the person in the face. Under California law, the right to be free from hazardous procedures may never be denied.

Pinnock was unarmed.

So, the officer was in the wrong and because of that, he was suspended without pay. 

CHP officers are claiming that the events following the beat down should also be taken into account. 

"The tape only shows a small part of what transpired," one CHP official said. "There were events that led up to this." 

At the end of the day, I'm not a lawyer so I really don't know how this will be handled in the court of law. But what I do know is that my name is Trinikid and you've just been informed.