60 Kidnapped Nigerian Schoolgirls Have Escaped Their Captors.

Sup Travellers?! Boko Haram isn't very co-operative with the internet's plea to "Bring Back Our Girls" but the terrorist group doesn't have to because most of the girls are actually finding their own way back. 

According to reports from Time.com and CNN, 60 more of the kidnapped schoolgirls in Nigeria have managed to escape their captors. Around 50 had previously managed to flee.

If you can recall previous news stories you should be aware of the fact that nearly 300 girls were taken from their boarding school dormitory in the north western village of Chibok by Islamic terrorists on April 14. There are still about 200 girls still in captive but the few who escaped gives hope to the people that all the girls can safely return home.

The escape was confirmed by a security source in Maiduguri, the regional capital, on the condition of anonymity.

The development follows Friday’s clashes between Nigerian soldiers and Boko Haram militants in Borno. At least 50 insurgents were killed as the Nigerian military repelled an attack on its military base in the town of Damboa, said the Defense Ministry on Saturday.

Six Nigerian soldiers, including the commanding officer, died during the fighting, said Defense Ministry spokesman Major General Chris Olukolade.

This is some good news. I don't know how they managed to escape but their escape shows that there is hope for the rest. A hope that was once lost. But, in general, the escape can be bad news for the rest of the girls still in bondage because Boko Haram may now tighten their hold to ensure that no more can escape. It's bittersweet. Anyway, my name is Trinikid and you've just been informed.