VIDEO: A Golden Retriever Named Walton Is Graduating High School And Getting A Diploma.

Sup Travellers?! This story is going to give you all the FEELS so bust out some tissues before you start. It's less about a dog graduating high school and more about giving credit where credit is due.

According to reports from MyFoxNy, a girl from Hudsonville, Michigan is giving credit to her service dog for helping her get through high school. Desi suffers from Cerebral Palsy and she says that she wouldn't have been able to graduate high school without her golden retriever named Walton.

"I think it was a great thing for everybody else to see that he really is part of me and my accomplishments are essentially his," said student Desi.

Desi got Walton, a golden retriever, just 4 years ago.

"I really, really couldn't be where I am right now in this stage of my life without him. Ya know before him I would come to school in a wheelchair," she said.

Desi wanted Walton to graduate with her and the officials at Freedom Christian High School allowed it. They had Walton decked out in a cap and gown to accept that diploma with her. In fact, both of their names were called to accept the diploma.

"He really has put in the work. I mean holding me up is a full-time job, especially when I put out a lot of energy," said Desi. "Walton really has become a part of the class, I mean we are a school this small can’t help, but be a family he really has become a huge part of a class."

"I have had troubled proving things like that to myself, so this kind of proved to me, wow, I can do it, I can do it. I did have this accomplishment, I didn`t think I was going to have honestly a few years ago," Desi also said.

Awwww!!! I think this is the kind of story that can be turned into a movie. I hope Hollywood is paying attention because they could just have possibly found them self a new movie. A new movie that I would definitely watch.

Congrats to Desi and her loyal pup Walton on their accomplishment. Next stop: COLLEGE!!! Anyway, my name is Trinikid and you've just been informed.