VIDEO: The Bikini Bulge Prank Is Just Too Much For Some Guys [NSFW].

Sup Travellers?! If there was top 10 list of the most awkward things ever, a hot chick with a bulge in her crotch would definitely be in the top 2. I know some of you may bring up some very valid points about transsexuals and whatnot but when I'm massaging a girl's legs, the last thing I want to see is a bulge in her crotch. Is that just me?

In the video above, a group of pranksters set out on a beach adventure to prank unsuspecting males using a hot chick. The girl asks men to massage her sunscreen on, coming face to face with that super awkward bulge.

Let's look at this video from a societal perspective. Shall we? Based on the reactions of most of the guys, it is clear that the only reason they decided to help the girl was because they wanted to sleep with her [Isn't it obvious?] I don't blame them though but the lack of hospitality they showed after they saw the bulge isn't a good sign for the future. Apparently, the type of genitalia you have as a woman affects either positively or negatively the hospitality of a guy [LOL]. Anyway, my name is Trinikid and you've just been informed.