Russian School Bullies Force Girl, 13, To Drink Puddle Water 'For Being Too Pretty'.

Sup Travellers?! A case of bullying is always distressing but the reason behind the bullying is always more distressing, especially nowadays. People apparently don't need a real reason to assault someone anymore. People just look at you and attack you just for looking too pretty. And this was ALLEGEDLY the case for a Russsian school girl.

Vlada Kholod, 13, was forced to drink filthy puddle water by a gang of four girls at her school in Korkino in western Russia's Ural Mountains simply because she was too pretty for their liking, according to Daily Mail and Mirror UK.

A video of the incident was uploaded to the Russian social network, VKontakte where teachers saw the assault and reprimanded the bullies.

Olga Guseva, 16, Lyubov Goloborodko, 14, Sasha Rattsova, 15 and Ekatirina Streltsova, 15 all claimed that Vlada had said something bad about their parents but Vlada denied the allegations all hands down. She said that she had been assaulted because Olga had been jealous about her boyfriend apparently looking at her.

In the end, Vlada got the last laugh as she got the entire school to turn against the four bullies after she denounced them at a school assembly. The whole school stood up and cheered for the incredibly pretty girl during her denouncement speech.

One of her friends said: "She was very brave. She faced up to these bullies and they had to eat humble pie."

The whole school took the word of Vlada and believed that she was bullied because Olga was jealous of her good looks but she actually could have lied about it. Maybe she actually said something bad about the bullies' parents. However, that's still not a reason to bully someone because BULLIES ARE NEVER RIGHT!!. Anyway, my name is Trinikid and you've just been informed.