Dad Hits Teacher With Baseball Bat After 'Inappropriate' Texts Sent To Daughter.

Sup Travellers?! Most fathers are super overprotective of their daughters especially when that daughter is below the age of 21. So, I think that this story is not weird at all. I don't condone violence but if I had a daughter and found a 42 year old man sending inappropriate texts to her I'll probably get violent too.

According to reports from newsnet5, a Maryland dad most likely won't see any charges after he struck a local teacher with a baseball bat on Thursday for sending inappropriate texts to his daughter. The dad found the series of texts between his 15 year old daughter and her 42 year old teacher and deemed them as inappropriate for a student and a teacher.

Earlier that day, investigators investigated the situation but seemingly found nothing wrong. However, things got ugly when the 42 year old teacher showed up to the girl's house [OH OH]. He wanted to speak to the girl's father, but was told to leave. When he refused, the dad reportedly whacked him with a baseball bat. The teacher sustained minor injuries but didn't press any charges.

Was the father wrong though? Was he wrong for fending off his daughter from the nasty pervert? Okay, to be fair, we don't know what the texts were and since investigators didn't charge the teacher it was probably not all that bad. But still, I think parents know better and if they found it to be inappropriate then you better believe that that shit was inappropriate. Anyway, my name is Trinikid and you've just been informed.