VIDEO: A Swarm Of Over 100,000 Ducks Pour Onto A Street In Thailand.

Sup Travellers?! On your way to work you can never predict the flow of traffic because even on regular days...SHIT HAPPENS!! That shit can come in the form of a broken traffic light causing bumper to bumper traffic or a swarm of over 100,000 ducks scurrying through the road in their daily "ducky" commutes.

The duck thing isn't as far-fetched as it may sound because it actually happened in Thailand a couple days ago. 

Jack Sarathat lives in Thailand and was driving through Nakhon Pathom, about an hour west of Bangkok when over 100,000 ducks took over the rural road in the Bang Len district.

"I'm not sure why these ducks are in revolt," Saranthat says to a passenger, as translated by the Bangkok Post. "You can see the great mass of ducks swarming on the road. They have now occupied the area entirely."

The cars on the road were stuck at standstill during the stampede  of ducks which all moved in sync with each other. At one point they even collectively stop, as if for a traffic light. No ducks were injured. Anyway, my name is Trinikid and you've just been informed.