Texas Man Mysteriously Dies After Wife Denies 4-Way Sex.

Sup Travellers?! Some people take their foursomes very seriously bu 46 year old Michael A. Ochoa may have taken it a bit too seriously. According to reports from New York Daily News Michael A. Ochoa fell 18 stories from a hotel balcony in San Antonio Texas on April 25th.

Michael A. Ochoa's wife told reporters that the day of his death they both got into an argument after she had denied to have a foursome with another couple at the hotel. She said that after the argument he left the room then was later found dead to his wife's unknowing.

However, according to San Antonio Express News, police say that the details are still a bit sketchy because the woman told the police three different versions of the same story. 

Version one: Ochoa's unnamed wife agreed to the four-way sex, then changed her mind when the other couple showed up; they left, Ochoa started assaulting her; then he walked outside and vanished. 

In version two, Ochoa got in a fight with a member of the other couple; both that person and Ochoa punched Ochoa's wife when she tried to break it up. Again, the other couple left, Ochoa went outside, and she never saw him again. 

Version three is essentially version one, except with Ochoa's wife saying her husband went to the balcony in order to flee security, who knocked on their door.

There were no signs of struggle on the balcony but Ochoa's wife was scratched which showed that a struggle went down in the room.

It's hard to tell which version really happened but the only constant was that Ochoa was denied a foursome. Police say that Ochoa's wife was so disheveled that she couldn't think straight. But if it was suicide then I can safely say that killing yourself over a foursome is pathetic. It's sad that he died and there might have been some untold underlying issues but COME ON MAN!!! REALLY?! Anyway, my name is Trinikid and you've just been informed.