VIDEO: What Would You Do If You See A Man Abusing A Woman In Public?

Sup Travellers?! Remaining neutral in a case of wrongdoing means that you have taken the side of the wrongdoer. That's usually how it goes. So if you see a woman getting abused in public and choose to do nothing then you have taken the side of the abuser. 

A popular TV show called “What would You Do?” did a social experiment where they placed a couple in public environments, with the man aggressively abusing the woman, to see how many people would take the side of the abuser.

Unfortunately, there were a few people who turned a blind eye to the entire thing, taking the side of the abuser. However, my faith in humanity was not completely destroyed because there were a few brave folks who stood up for the injustice and almost took the matter into their own hands.

If you ever see any form of injustice please take it upon yourself to call the police immediately. My name is Trinikid and you've just been informed.