VIDEO: Conjoined Twins Refuse To Be Separated.

Sup Travellers?! Have you ever been so attached to someone that you refused to be separated no matter what? Well, Shivanath Sahu and his twin brother Shivram are so attached to each other that they share two legs and four arms and the same stomach. Yes, they are conjoined twins.

The 12 year olds have independent lungs, hearts and brains so it is possible to seperate them with surgery but you see, the thing is...THEY DON'T WANT TO BE SEPARATED!! The two are happy just the way they are. 

"We don't wish to get separated," Shivram told Barcroft TV. "We will stay like this even when we grow old. We want to live as we are."

The two have become quite the team as they put their heads together everyday to get things down. They use teamwork to shower, dress and comb each other's hair. They also manage to get around their tiny central India village quite nicely.

"We have taught ourselves everything. We ride to school on a bicycle and playing cricket is no problem," Shivanath said

Their father, Raj Kumar, 45, says they are also excellent students. He believes that despite their positive attitudes, life presents his children many challenges.

“During rainy season it becomes difficult for them to walk and when one wants to sit, the other has to lie down. But they don't fight. They have similar opinions and if one says he wants to play, the other one agrees," Kumar said. "God has created them like this so they have to walk like they do. They will remain like this. I don't want anything else."

This is amazing but I'm more amazed by the fact that they are able to play cricket. Can you imagine if their make the Indian cricket team? That would be awesome. Imagine getting hit for six by those two? 

But under all seriousness I applaud these two. They have grown to love each other just the way they are and I strongly believe that if Shivanath and Shivram can do it then we all can do it. We need to become so attached to ourselves that no one can separate us from ourselves. Am I right? Or left? Anyway, my name is Trinikid and you've just been informed.