12 Year Old Girl And Her 13 Year Old Boyfriend Become Britain's Youngest Parents.

Sup Travellers?! Being 13 a very magical time in a human's life. It's one's first year as a parent teenager. Most 13-year-old children aren't usually burdened with the responsibilities of parenthood because, in retrospect, they are still children themselves. 

But according to Daily Mail UK, a 12-year-old girl and her 13-year-old boyfriend have become Britain's youngest parents.

The girl, at 12 years, three months, is the UK’s youngest mother, after giving birth to a 7lb baby girl last weekend.

She got pregnant at 11, while still at primary school, shortly after starting a relationship with a boy who lives near her family home in north London.

The pair reportedly love each other very much and intend to bring up their baby together with the help of their parents who are very supportive and actually proud [Yes the father of the mother has stated that he is very proud of his daughter].

The father said: "I would rather have come home and had this than find out she was on drugs at 11 or 12. There's plenty of routes kids this age can go down. She's brought something beautiful into the world... That little girl does not bring shame to me at all, I’m so proud of her. Shame doesn't even come into it. We didn't know this was happening. Unfortunately kids this age are going to grow up to have boyfriends and partners or whatever. If they do things behind their parents’ back that’s something we’re never going to be able to find out."

The new parents, who cannot be named for legal reasons, have the lowest combined age of any British parents in history.

The actions of the parents fall snugly within the law so no one is going to jail. It wasn't rape or anything so it's all legal. But is it right? And should the parents be proud? These are some good questions but the better question is...Why not? It could be wrong or it could be right but it's not like if they could send the baby back. Babies don't come with warranties [according to my knowledge]. Anyway, my name is Trinikid and you've just been informed.