Rising Football Star Impregnates His 14 Year Old Cousin.

Sup Travellers?! In crazy news that can make you not want to live on this planet anymore: a 17 year old footballer impregnted his 14 year old cousin. There are a couple things wrong with this headline and that's besides the fact I spelled "impregnated" wrong. 

CBS12 reports that Sharieff Inuka Rhaheed-Muhammed, a 17-year-old gridiron linebacker from Florida, will face a charge of lewd lascivious behavior for intentionally touching a person under 16 years of age in a lewd or lascivious manner. The victim in this case is the 17 year old's little cousin. According to police, there is a greater than 99.99 per cent probability that Rhaheed-Muhammed fathered a child with the 14-year-old girl, who later had an abortion. 

The girl confessed when her mother found out that she was pregnant and admiited that she was 11 years old when Rhaheed-Muhammed began touching her inappropriately. 

Rhaheed-Muhammed had a very promising football career. He signed up to play for the University of Louisville, in Kentucky, just last week. It was supposed to be a huge step in his career but if found guilty then that step could be pulled away from under his feet. He may never get to escalate to the point of playing in the Super Bowl all because of one mistake. One stupid mistake. Sorry dude. It's sad for him and also sad for his cousin. My name is Trinikid and you've just been informed.