Michigan Mother Dismembers Her Own Son In An Attempt To Help Him?!

Sup Travellers?! There are many ways in which you can go about helping someone. You can buy them food, give them money or just simply buy them a brand new Bugatti. But I don't think that dismembering their body and dumping the body parts in the bushes counts as help. That's just evil. But a Michigan mother named Donna Scrivo allegedly did just that to her 32 year old son, Ramsay Scrivo. She allegedly dismembered his body and dumped his body parts in an attempt to help him.

USA Today reports that Scrivo, a registered nurse, petitioned to have Ramsay hospitalized due to mental illness; he was depressed, had threatened to hang himself, and was refusing to take his medications. Ramsay agreed to the hospitalization. He was ultimately listed as paranoid, delusional, and suicidal, and his mother was granted guardianship of him. Ramsay was also, at the time, on probation for assault and had anger issues. His life was in jeopardy and his mother knew it. On January 27th, Scrivio called the police and reported her son missing. Parts of Ramsay's body were discovered in bags last week in rural areas of St. Clair County, about 50 miles northeast of Detroit. She was later charged with the disinterment of her son Ramsay Scivo , on Monday Feb, 3, 2014. 

Officials say that they are currently not sure if Scrivio killed her son but blood has been found in Donna Scrivo's car and in Ramsay's home, along with bleach stains. Also, video footage from a gas station in St. Clair, China Township showed Donna Scrivo in the area prior to the discovery of the body parts. The investigations are continuing. If Scrvio is found guilty she will not only be a murderer but also listed as one of the worst mothers of the year. My name is Trinikid and you've just been informed.