Ghost White Baby Born Without Blood In California.

Sup Travellers?! Blood is the substance that keeps us alive so there is no way a human can survive without blood. A heart attack alone can kill a human within seconds but a miracle baby named Hope Juarez from California was able to survive without blood long enough for a blood transfusion. Hope is now the second ghost baby in known medical history to actually survive. She's described as a ghost baby because she was born with almost no blood giving her a very white and ghostly appearance.

ABC 7 reports that Hope's mother, Jennifer Juarez noticed that something was wrong three weeks before the due date when her baby stopped kicking. Jennifer got some advice from her midwife then decided to go the hospital. Her decision to go to the hospital was just in time because doctor's say that Hope would have died if she had spent only a few more hours in the womb. Her quick reaction is what saved Hope's life. An emergency C-section allowed Hope to get a life-saving blood transfusion.

Hope's ghostliness was caused by a fetal-maternal hemorrhage and doctor's estimate that she had lost as much as 80% of her blood while in the womb. The cause of the hemorrhage is currently unknown.

"A lot of it just happens spontaneously," says a neonatologist at Kaiser Permanente, Irvine Medical Center, where Hope was born.

Jennifer's motherly instinct and the doctors' compliance was what saved Hope's life. Her quick response to the situation is what did the job and I salute her for it. Anyway, my name is Trinikid and you've just been informed.