Bank Teller Trolls Would-Be Robber And It Goes Viral.

Sup Travellers?! Here's a little tip for you when you're planning on robbing a bank: be sure to visit the bank beforehand to ensure that the bank tellers aren't protected by a big wall of glass. Robbing banks is wrong and you will most likely get busted for it but if you follow my advice you can avoid the humiliation of being trolled by a bank teller in a video that could ultimately go viral.

This is what happened to man in Zhoujiazui China. He was caught in the epic failure. The video shows a bank teller laughing at the would-be robber, who appears to slam a meat cleaver against the dividing glass as he talks on a cell phone. Surveillance footage got the whole thing. It even showed when the man got held down by the guards. 

The would-be robber seemed young and inexperience but he obviously lacked more than just experience. He made true crucial mistakes. The first mistake he made was trying to rob a bank. The second mistake he made was trying to rob a bank with a meat cleaver. The third mistake he made was trying to rob a bank with a cleaver while talking on the phone. Three strikes. Anyway, my name is Trinikid and you've just been informed.