11 Inch Donkey Penis Confiscated At Airport In New Zealand.

Sup Travellers?! Here's a word of advice: If you are going into an airport with an 11 inch penis please ensure that it is yours and not that of an ass because if it is then you can get yourself a little bit of trouble with airport security. Carrying weapons of mass destruction conception is only legal if it's your own. This advice may sound a bit outlandish but a certain Chinese man making his way to New Zealand from China would have been better off taking this advice.

According to reports from TVNZ a passenger on a flight from China declared an 11 inch donkey penis from their luggage at Wellington International Airport last month. The man declared the dong saying that he was declaring food. It was assumed that he was planning on eating it or selling it. He also declared some donkey meat along with the dong. Both items were destroyed but the man faced no charges because of the fact that he had declared the items first.

The eating of male animal genitalia is not uncommon in China, with restaurant chain Guo Li Zhuang specializing in dishes prepared from the nether regions of a number of species, including horse, ox, donkey, deer and even dog.

I'm not going to comment on this because culture is deeply embedded in this report. I may never eat Donkey dong in my life but to some people in China it's a delicacy that's enjoyed by many. I never tasted it before so I can't say anything about the taste. It probably tastes good, I don't know. Anyway, my name is Trinikid and you've just been informed.