The Guys From Full House Reunite For A Hilarious Superbowl Commercial.

Sup Travellers?! The Super Bowl is on Sunday and if it's one thing that always stands out during the game is the commercials. Companies spend a little extra time with their commercials during the Super Bowl and we were graced with the opportunity to see what Dannon Oikos had in store for the millions of viewers on the big day.

In a commercial for Dannon Yogurt the guys of Full House reunite for a little guy time. The guy time apparently only refers to Bob Saget and Dave Coulier because in the commercial, John Stamos was getting pretty dirty with a sexy chick....LITERALLY. That was just one of the Dannon Yogurt commercials and i'm looking forward to the others. Hopefully this could trigger a full on Full House reunion. It may not, but we could all hope because there is no denying that Full House was a really great show. Anyway, my name is Trinkid and you've just been informed.