More Than Two Dozen Homes Destroyed In Perth Fires. One Dead.

Sup Travellers?! The super intense heat in Australia seems to be affecting more than just the bats. According to reports from The West Australian, humans are being affected by it as well and i'm not talking about sun burn. The intense heat caused ravishing bush fires in Perth Sunday morning that destroyed as much as 20 homes and killed one man who was attempting to save his house from the fires. 

Dozens of firefighters and helitac helicopters attempted to put out the fire before it spread but they weren't able to stop it from burning over 20 homes and 250 hectares of land near Parkerville and Stoneville. At least two firefighters have been treated for heat exhaustion. Besides the one man who died trying to save his home, everyone else managed to get to safety. Two separate evacuation centers were established, with the Mundaring Recreation Centre filling up with more than 80 evacuees, with a second evacuation center set up at Brown Park in nearby Swan View. Mundaring shire president Helen Dullard said they were setting up to have people staying in emergency conditions for days, with Salvation Army volunteers on hand.

I don't think that there was anything that could have done to save the homes. The firefighters seemed to have tried their very best but nature can sometimes be a real b*tch when she's ready. I don't know what the Australian government will do to compensate the people who lost their homes in the fire but some damage control must be done. We'll just have to wait and see. My name is Trinikid and you've just been informed.