GUEST POST: How television aids our everyday life?

Life is a great event and entertainment is an integral part of it. There are so many entertainment Medias available around us and among them, television has a prominent place. But it doesn’t mean that television is the only one prominent entertainment media. At present, each and every home owns one television and without it, out drawing room is considered not complete. It acts as a connection between the residents and the outer world. Television possesses many advantages and it acts a major role in everyone’s life.
Its contribution in several fields is considered great. Even when the media world offers the customer with a wide world of choices, most people end their day with this comrade by name, television. TV listing is available in the websites from where we can know about the programme schedule and thus we can make use of our valuable time fruitfully.

Major advantages of television in our life

Generating information and passing it to the needy is done in many ways in past days. But with the advent of TV, this method of information transfer has become very easy and it gained a new prestigious stand. It was the starting of an age of image transformation. All families and also most public places have now the access of this media. People watches television in various ways: by sitting along with friends, along with family, while doing kitchen works, while ironing etc. So by understanding the role played by a television in people’s life, many business men is using this media for promoting their products via advertisements.

It is a media which opens up the news of the whole world in front of us. It is a proven fact that the thing which catches our interest fast is the one which appeals to more than one sense organ. In this context television is a success which makes use of our eyes and ears at the same time. It provides us with a lot of experiences. If a person who loves travelling lacks good physical condition or have poor financial situation, he can fulfil his dream by watching channels like discovery channel, national geographic channel etc. We can search in leading websites which provides TV listing to know about the programme schedule and we can manage our time in a fruitful way.

It also affects our body in some ways. It has the ability to stimulate the parts of the body which other types of media have no access to. It is connected with the emotional factor and also it increases our brain’s ability to retain long term memory. It is because of this special feature of television, advertisers make use of this media to promote their brand and makes the audience engaged in watching their ads. Among all other Medias which promote advertisement, it is found out that a television advertisement can influence the viewers easily.

Some minor disadvantages
We have to consider also about some disadvantages of the media in a discussion to balance its nature. It is considered time wasting, violence promoting etc.