14 Year Old Girl Stabs Sister 30 Times.

Sup Travellers?! This week turned out to be a really weird week in the news. When I thought that the weirdness was over a tragic story from Chicago showed up on my radar. According to CNN, an 11 year old girl is now dead after being stabbed as much as 30 times by her 14 old half sister. The 14 year old reportedly set her alarm clock for 7:50am Tuesday, woke up, went downstairs, grabbed a 4-inch long knife, went back upstairs, and stabbed her sleeping 11-year-old half-sister to death more than 30 times in the neck, chest, and hands. Reports say that the 14 year old killed her sister because she was angry that she was ungrateful for all her housework.

After the killing the 14 year old showered away the blood from her skin, called the police and told them that a Hispanic male intruder had entered the home and killed her sister. Her story caused the lockdown of three schools nearby but after further investigations detectives found evidence that tied the 14 year old to the crime. Police say that she eventually admitted to it, adding that she had contemplated the killing the night before. The girl now faces first-degree murder charges in juvenile court but it can be moved to the adult court in the next couple weeks.

Put yourself in the shoes of the parents of these two children and try to imagine how they must be feeling. They literally lost two of their daughters in one day. One was brutally murdered and the other was arrested for doing the brutal murdering of the first. I don't think that we can fully blame the parents for this incident because sibling rivalry happens all the time. It's a relatively normal thing but most never escalate into a full on homicide investigation. My guess is that the 14 year old girl was a nut job to begin with. Anyway, my name is Trinikid and you've just been informed.