Father And Son Drown On Christmas Day.

Sup Travellers?! Receiving a Christmas gift is always a wonderful thing but it's only wonderful till that Christmas gift brings about the untimely death of a father and his son. 15 year old Dillon Sanchez was given some brand new diving equipment on Christmas. He was so excited that he decided to try it out on the same day that he got it and he took his father, Darrin Spivey, with him. They attempted a cave dive at a wildlife refuge Florida at around 11:30am on Christmas day. They both drowned.

NBC News reports that Spivey's fiance alerted police when the pair didn't return home that afternoon; around 8:30pm, a recovery diver discovered the two bodies 67 feet and 127 feet below the surface. One of the rescue divers adds that while the pair had the correct diving gear, they needed to use a specific breathing gas to counter the high nitrogen levels found more than 200 feet below the surface. However, they were diving with air only. "If they had training, they'd probably be with their families today. Nothing down there is worth your life," he said.

Dillon and his father were a bit too excited to try out the new gear. They were so excited that they decided to dive in one of the most dangerous diving spots on earth without much prior training. Hernando Today states that Spivey was in fact a certified diver but he was not certified to dive in caves and so was his son. There is a sign at the dive spot that reads: "is extremely dangerous—even life threatening!! Do not dive unless you are a certified cave diver!!" They should have paid more attention to the sign. RIP. My name is Trinikid and you've just been informed.