GUEST POST: What To Know When Buying Glasses For Your Square Face Shape

Do you know that glasses you wear must match with your face cur or shape? Yes, it is true because wearing wrong glasses can make your look like an unbalanced mess; specifically if you have a “square face shape” while wearing right glasses that suit your face can provide you more confidence and style apart from better image and look. Today, eye glasses come in a variety of designs, styles, colors and frames, which make difficult for wearers which one is the best and look good on your face.

How to Know That You Have A Square Face Shape:
We can say a person has a square face shape, if the person has a strong jaw line, sharp angles, broad forehead and straight lines from top to bottom. It is important to know what type of frame shape is best for a square face cut before going to any optical store because lots of shop keepers have just one aim that is sell glasses, even they do not suits buyers face. But, if will have some knowledge about your face cut and what type of glasses will suit on your face will definitely help you in picking a great pair. Know your face shape and details which kind of lens will suit your personality.

Which frames should avoid?
People who have square look and looking for perfect glasses, then it's an advice to them, avoid square frames or lenses. This can create a big disaster because such types of frames or lenses produce redundancy that will not compliment your face as well as expressions. Always go for frames such as oval, rectangle, narrow or eye cat shaped and these frames must not be bigger than your eyes. Remember, to make height light the eyes with slim lenses can split the composition of your face that will surely create a false impression. One of the excellent choices of glasses can be found online. Buy women eyewear in India and browse simple, comfortable, and affordable lens and sunglasses.

Frame Thickness, Colors and Skin Tone:
Thick frames, particularly, plastic ones must be avoided by square shape people, even when it suits your face because it provides the look of weightiness. Therefore, it recommended purchase small thin frames made with plastic or metal. Apart from the face shape, people also must be aware of their skin tone or color as it plays a significant role if you want to have the best pair of glasses. Remember, people who have olive and tanned skin must go for brown, red, copper, gold and other such shades. However, if have fair skin, then green, pink and brown are good.