Usain Bolt Appeared On The Voice To Support Tessanne Chin.

Greetings Travellers?! If you're from the Caribbean [and not a hater] then you should be in full support of Tessanne Chin on The Voice. She's an exceptional talent from the Caribbean and I would be very surprised if she doesn't win especially when she has the backing of the entire Caribbean on her side. Even the super busy Usain Bolt is showing her some support. He stopped by on the latest episode of the voice and cheered his home girl on. 

When host Carson Daly asked him how is the feedback at home in Jamaica, Bolt said “it’s been crazy everybody is watching and rooting for her you know.” When asked if he want to perform on The Voice, Usain Bolt said “no I will pass on that one.” Tessanne Chin later performed Gladys Knight’s classic “If I Were Your Woman.

Usain Bolt is a very busy guy so it was very AWESOME of him to take time to go to the show. A tweet or a email is never enough. Sometimes you just have to give physical support and that's exactly what Bolt did. It obviously meant quite a lot to Tessanne who later tweeted "OMG just died!!!!!!  @usainbolt I am speechless!!!  Thank you!!!"  BIG UP TO THEM BOTH!!!! Anyway, my name is Trinikid and you've just been informed.