This Video Is Going To Go Viral On YouTube And Google+ Which Makes This Pretty Ironic.

Sup Travellers?! Did you notice the changes that YouTube made recently? They basically changed up the commenting system on the website and integrated it with the highly unpopular social network, Google+. The new commenting system is actually way better than the one before because it makes assholes and trolls less visible but that's not what people are unhappy about. People are unhappy that in order to comment on YouTube you must have a Google + account forcing people to join a service that they don't give a flying sh*t about.

A lot of people are expressing their dissatisfaction about the changes but the girl in the video below decided to express her dissatisfaction in the form of a song. The song is most definitely going to go viral on YouTube and Google+ and that's really ironic [LOL]. I like the song and the British accent made it even more amazing to listen to because as most of you know, I love a British accent. You can check out the video below. It's very explicit so viewer discretion is advised. Anyway, my name is Trinikid and you've just been informed.

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