Katy Perry Releases Incredibly Emotional New Music Video.

Greetings Travellers?! When it comes to music videos, not much artistes can come close to Katy Perry. Beyonce is probably the only artiste who can overtake Katy Perry in that regard but Beyonce hasn't released a music video in quite a while so there isn't much good competition for Katy at the moment. I have always found Katy's music videos to be very well done and I still think so today. Her latest music video was released today and it's quite the emotional power trip. It's the music video for her song "Unconditionally" and it looked like it took quite a bit of effort and money to put together unlike Kanye West's music video for Bound 2. I love the music video and I think that you'll love it too. Anyway, my name is Trinkid and you have just been informed.