44 Year Old Trini School Principal Allegedly Rapes 13 Year Old Trini School Girl.

Sup Travellers?! Stories about school principals raping students are not something very new. That sh*t has been happening for years now, all over the world. I wrote a couple articles on this blog about sh*t like that but I've never written about one that happened in Trinidad, until today [even though it probably happens all the time in Trinidad].

The Newsday reports that Swain David, a 44 year old acting principal  of a PRIMARY SCHOOL, was charged with committing an act of grievous sexual assault on a 13 year old female student. He was arrested on Tuesday while teaching and taken to the San Fernando Criminal Investigations Department. Senior Magistrate Annette Mc Kenzie granted David bail in the sum of $60,000 with Clerk of the Peace approval, or a cash alternative of $30,000.

Mc Kenzie read the charge against David, of Corinth Settlement, Ste Madeleine, that on May 24, he committed a grievous sexual act on a girl at (name of school called), who was under the age of 14. The charge, laid by WPC Clement of the CID, arose from an allegation that the student was in a particular office at the school when an incident occurred.

David hasn't been sentenced yet and can still be let off the hook. His case was adjourned until December 12th. Another thing to take note of is that David is a senior teacher and has worked at the Primary school for the past 24 years. I don't know what positions he has held over the course of the 24 years but it begs the question, "is this his first time raping a student?" It's definitely the first time that he's been caught but that doesn't say sh*t about the times he has done it. It's a fact that the worst place for a pedophile to be in is a primary school. Maybe David was just a victim of circumstance [LOL]. But now we have a 13 year old school girl who's probably going to be scarred for life. That's definitely not the right state to enter into High school with. Let's just hope that it doesn't affect her too much. But whatever happens it doesn't change the fact that my name is Trinikid and you have just been informed.