WEIRD: Master Nau Aspires To Be The Shortest Man In The World.

Sup Travellers?! We all have the right to chase our dreams and no one should be able to deter us from that. If your dream is to be a professional Teenage Mutant Ninja Friggin Turtle....BE THAT SH*T!! Nothing is impossible and Master Nau from Nepali is very aware of that fact. His goal in life is to be ranked as the shortest man on earth and he is doing everything in his power to acquire it [His training regime must be very intense. You can tell just by his level of swag in the picture above. Look at him with his black shades on looking like a midget Jay Sean]

Master Nau, 73, claims that he's 16 inches tall and is deserving of the title as shortest man alive in the Guinness World Records' immovable category which measures people who cannot walk. To obtain the distinction, Guinness officials will have to acknowledge his tiny feat. If he's named as the shortest man, he'll beat out his rival, a Taiwanese man who stands 27 inches tall. This is according to The Daily Telegragh. Master Nau's niece Seema Sheikh said that he leads an active life. "He is fond of travelling and likes to meet people and talk about life,'' Ms Sheikh said.

"He also likes hot and delicious food and loves to listen to Hindi and Nepali songs. We often hire a rickshaw to take him to the market because he loves it,'' she said.

"But whenever he goes out, people stop to look at him. Soon a small crowd would gather, which makes it difficult.''

All power to Master Nau. I honestly do hope that he gets the title of shortest man alive. The proposal is still processing but if he gets it then at least he could die a happy little man. It will definitely be a dream come true for him. Anyway, my name is Trinikid and you've just been informed.