TRINIDAD: Trini Man Fined For $200 For Asking Cop For A Back Rub

Sup Travellers?! There are a few things in life you just don't do and one of those things is asking the Cops for a back rub. What's wrong with asking cops for a back rub you ask? There is absolutely nothing wrong with asking cops for a back rub but cops are A*SHOLES. So just don't do it. [Asking a cop for a back rub is like asking asking a doubles vendor for KFC]. A cop's job is to protect and serve and that does not include rubbing your HARDBACK back. There are people out there that need their feet rubbed and they tea stirred [Nobody got time to RUB YOUR BACK].

A Chaguanas man named Rishi Bridgelal found it fit to ask a policeman to give him a back rub while the policeman was searching him during an exercise. No drugs or illegal weapons were found on the man but instead of moving on to the next potential convict the policeman decided to take him to the court. Court prosecutor Insp Michael Jackman told the court that at about 3 am on Saturday, Freeport police were on mobile patrol when they intercepted a vehicle which was proceeding in a dangerous manner. Bridgelal who was the front seat passenger jumped out the vehicle. When the officer told him to remain seated he said, "You do not know if I am dropping off here.

The Newsday reported that police detected alcohol in Bridgelal's breath but he wasn't driving so he was within the law. The policeman still decided to search the man for breathmints illegal stuff. But while he was searching Bridgelal uttered wittingly “Officer you giving me a rub down? Rub my back one hurting.” He was then taking to court. He pleaded guilty before Magistrate Brambhanan Dubay in the Chaguanas Third Court. But before fining Bridgelal $200 which was ordered to be paid immediately, Dubay remarked: “When you behave like that, we could send you to a place where people will be willing to rub your back.” 

This is all well and good but I think that the cop was a bit too harsh though. The man had alcohol in his system, what did he expect? $200 is not much money but I think that was a total waste of court time and court space. The officer could have just given him two slap and send him on his way. This is stupid. Anyway, my name is Trinikid and you've just been informed.


  1. Im a cop and I don't like how you discredited us.

  2. I don't fine that's discrediting trinikid is right, d man was drunk what you expect, usually drunk people does do worse, charging ah drunk man for a comment like rub meh back is overkill and a real waste of court time.

  3. I have always had utmost respect for Police Officers and I believe that is because of what was instilled by my parents. I am now an officer myself, sometimes lenient, but in some cases you need to ensure that citizens maintain a certain amount of law and order. Reading what was said then looks like nothing but try putting yourself in the shoes of someone who is trying to perform his/her duty and tell me what would you have done in that situation. Some people just have the knack to take things above and beyond what is necessary/acceptable. So I am not in agreement with what transpired. He had to pay for his drunken state and behaviour. That will just take away from the "rum money" which will in turn contribute to him being a model citizen of Sweet T&T.


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