Teen Busted By Police For Buying Something Expensive At A Store Because He Was Black.

Sup Travellers?! Apparently if you're black you're not supposed to be able to afford expensive stuff. We all know that this is not true but according to a clerk at a New York store called Barneys, it is. Reports from the New York Post states that a 19 year old boy by the name of Trayon Christian was busted by police after a clerk reported him for buying an expensive belt. Why would you report  a customer for buying something expensive in your store? That's rather odd.

Well Trayon is a young black man and the clerk assumed that a young black man could not have possibly afforded the expensive Salvatore Ferragamo belt that cost US$350. So everyone else can afford their stuff but not a young black man? [STEUPS!!] Soon after he left the store, he was stopped by detectives because the clerk reported the sale of the belt as a fraud. At the local precinct, Christian showed police his receipt, the debit card he'd used, and an ID proving the card was his, but he "was told that his identification was false and that he could not afford to make such an expensive purchase."  They then went on to call the bank which confirmed that the card was in fact his. He has since returned the Salvatore Ferragamo belt. "I didn't want anything to do with it," he says. Trayon has filed a lawsuit against both Barneys and the NYPD over the incident,

Now there are so many things wrong with this story. How can you just watch someone and tell them that they can't afford a belt?  I don't like pulling the race card but I think that the stereotype which sees black people as poor has long dissipated. The clerk has obviously never heard of black folks like Jay Z and Kanye West who buy expensive sh*t all the time. THAT SH*T CRAY!!! Anyway, my name is Trinikid and you've just been informed.